High School Strength and Conditioning Sessions

$225.00 Down for 3 Months,
Followed by Only $75 Per Month.

10 sessions $150.00

Days: Monday Wednesday Friday 6:30pm

Ages: 14 – 18

ENL High School Athletes are coached through intense workouts to better themselves in all areas of fitness and athletic performance. Enhance speed, agility, and explosive power while learning proper technique.  As athletes master proper technique the workouts become progressively more challenging.

Signing my son up for ENL was definitely one of the best decisions I have made for him. His training has made him stronger, faster and more agile, and not to mention the weight he lost. In just 1 summer session his coaches saw a huge difference in his confidence and athletic ability! I truly believe if it wasn’t for Heather and her staff he would not be playing at the level he is right now. Thank you ENL.

Stacey Giebel