[Private One-On-One] Softball Instruction, Catching

1 hour $55.00
10 Pack of One Hour Lessons $450.00 (SAVE $100)

30 Min $35.00
10 Pack of Half Hour Lessons $290.00 (SAVE $60)

*All packages must be used within 3 months of purchase.

Catching the forgotten position!

Do you ever feel forgotten about at practice? As a former catcher I understand the lack of time spent with catchers at practice. Catchers are expected to warm up the pitcher, catch batting practice and always hit last! Get the attention a catcher should have to specialize in your position.

How will ENL catching coaches make you or your young athlete a better catcher?

  1. Connect with the athlete helping them gain confidence in their position.
  2. Develop the muscle memory crucial in movement behind the plate.
  3. Cover topics and teach the athlete how to conquer certain situations on the field.
  4. Challenge each athlete based on skill level.
  • Imagine throwing out more base runners.
  • Imagine blocking more balls in the dirt.
  • Imagine developing a special connection with your pitchers.
  • Imagine putting the gear on for the first time.

Heather is focused on helping each athlete reach their goals by making each session challenging but still fun.
My daughter and all of her friends thoroughly enjoy training with Sarge. And I would recommend her and her talented trainers to work with you to improve your fitness and to bring your athlete to the next level.

Beth O'Brien