[Private One-On-One] Softball Instruction, Hitting

1 hour $55.00

10 Pack of One Hour Lessons $450.00 (SAVE $100)

30 Min $35.00

10 Pack of half hour lessons $290.00 (SAVE $60)

*All packages must be used within 3 months of purchase.

How will ENL hitting coaches make you or your young athlete a better hitter?

  1. Connect with each athlete and help them Develop confidence at the plate.
  2. Develop each athletes muscle memory into correct hitting mechanics.
  3. Teach the ENL hitting progression which has proven track record.
  4. Challenge each student based on skill level.
  • Imagine if you could hit the ball harder this year than last year.
  • Imagine if you conquered hitting your weakest pitch.
  • Imagine developing patience at the plate.
  • Imagine learning how to hit a softball if you have never played before.

All of these things are achievable training with our softball coaches. We are committed to help your athlete gain confidence each session. I have devised a system that has helped many players achieve their softball goals. Whether it be hitting home runs, conquering their weakest pitch or making more contact this is just a short list of how we can help.

My daughter has been working with Heather for the last two years. Her approach is tailored to each student and develops a personal connection with each of them. I have watched my daughter become a better and more confident hitter under her instruction.

Heather Boehme