Team Strength and Conditioning Sessions

Price: 9.00 per session per athlete (10 session minimum)

Days: Pending on teams availability
Ages: Open to any team in any sport

Keep your team in shape while allowing them to work hard and bond off-season. Major benefits will develop athletically and mentally within the team.

Coaches: It’s time to introduce your players to another important aspect of athletics. Of course practising is important, but imagine your team advancing above the rest!

How can ENL push your team to a new level?

  1. Create a positive team bonding atmosphere.
  2. Increase mental toughness, by challenging the entire team.
  3. Enhance athletic performance increasing athletes Speed, Explosive Power, Strength and Conditioning.


I have seen Heather work in a group settings and one on one with athletes and it’s her easy going personality and demeanor that allows her get her message across to the athletes. In the years that my daughter has been working with Heather, I have seen improvements in her game,her fitness level and her self confidence.

Doug Coute