If you’re looking to lose weight, get in shape, or just need a motivational challenge to hit some great goals then this program is for you!

This challenge offers you both the structure and flexibility to compliment your demanding schedule. Participants can take ENL fitness classes during the challenge, do their own fitness component or simply just follow the challenge nutritional plan. You will see results no matter what your level of participation!

With some guidance from our ENL team all of this is possible!

This challenge is designed to maximize your success as an individual while helping your team earn a win!



  • Participants will be randomly broken up into 3-4 groups asked to record all food and exercise during the duration of the challenge.

  • Points will be earned as an individual based on how many goals you hit each week. These points will contribute to your team’s total weekly score.

Teams will compete to see who has the highest overall score at the end of the challenge (PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED TO A TEAM)

Extra points can be earned by successfully completing bi-weekly team challenges.

1 individual winner will also be crowned the ENL Slim Down Champion this is determined by the highest % change in the following.

  • Lowest body fat loss

  • Highest improvement in the fit test



Did We Mention: Personal Nutritional Consultant?

We have invited Tyler Aiken undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from UCONN and a Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition from Boston University. Tyler will take the lead and guide each participant weekly by providing personalized nutritional goals over the 8 weeks. Tyler has helped many clients achieve major fitness and weight loss goals, and he is bringing that expertise to you!

  • Provide essential information to complete the challenge successfully during the first initial meeting.

  • Provide body fat testing and performance testing at the beginning and end of the challenge.

  • Provide a suggested calories, carbs, and protein intake for each individual, % based.

  • Provide personal weekly suggestions/notes to each participant based off their performance during the week.

  • Provide customized goals each week based on their performance during the week.

  • Respond to any diet or exercise related questions during the duration of the challenge.

REGISTER NOW by emailing energynolimittrain@gmail.com

COST: $235.00 (8 week challenge)

START DATE: Sunday, March 3rd

  • Body Fat Testing, Performance Testing, Receive Packets, and Team T-Shirt

END DATE: Sunday, April 28th

Each participant will receive a discount of 15% on monthly unlimited classes for the 2 months of the challenge.

Please note: Not all participants have to attend classes. If you’re interested in just the diet and assigned fit goals to do on your own that is not a problem. You will still be part of one of the teams, and your contributions will be added weekly.

**Looking to set up a payment plan for the challenge just ask, ENL wants everyone to be able to participate**