I have been going to Energy No Limit for 3 years and I love it. All of the trainers are very nice and always try to make us laugh. I have gained a lot of self confidence and enjoyed the team building skills.


Signing my son up for ENL was definitely one of the best decisions I have made for him. His training has made him stronger, faster and more agile, and not to mention the weight he lost. In just 1 summer session his coaches saw a huge difference in his confidence and athletic ability! I truly believe if it wasn’t for Heather and her staff he would not be playing at the level he is right now. Thank you ENL.

Stacey Giebel

My daughter has been training at ENL for a couple of years now. I think Heather Sargent is the most experienced and committed trainer around.
My daughter started with the middle school classes. And soon after added the team training with her entire softball team. We added the personal one on one classed as well.

Beth O'Brien

I have seen Heather work in a group settings and one on one with athletes and it’s her easy going personality and demeanor that allows her get her message across to the athletes. In the years that my daughter has been working with Heather, I have seen improvements in her game,her fitness level and her self confidence.

Doug Coute

My daughter has been working with Heather for the last two years. Her approach is tailored to each student and develops a personal connection with each of them. I have watched my daughter become a better and more confident hitter under her instruction.

Heather Boehme

Heather is focused on helping each athlete reach their goals by making each session challenging but still fun.
My daughter and all of her friends thoroughly enjoy training with Sarge. And I would recommend her and her talented trainers to work with you to improve your fitness and to bring your athlete to the next level.

Beth O'Brien